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of that helicopter was trying to make an unexpected landing at a nearby airport. the wreckage interest a helicopter crash created a line of flames down a london street. authorities a two people were killed when the commercial helicopter hit a construction crane on top of a 50-story building. >> see the helicopter come over hit the top of the jib of the crane come the -- helicopter come crashing down, the cab come crashing down into the road. >> reporter: authorities say the pilot and a person on the ground died when the chopper went down. police shut down nearby city streets during the morning rush hour. the crash site is in the heart of london near a major train station and the british spy agency mi-6. witnesses said they saw the chopper flying fast up the river before it smashed into the crane spinning out of control. >> look something out of a movie. everyone was in shock. >> reporter: several people on the ground were injured and rushed to the hospital. police say there is no evidence of terrorism. right now they are treating the
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crash as an accident. and as part of the investigation, authorities are looking into whether the crane was properly lit. frank and michelle, back to you. >> rita, you know, this is during rush hour. so i would imagine there were a lot of people in the area at the time. how many do you think. >> reporter: thousands of people are in and out of this area during that time. there is a major train station there, lots of office buildings. it's a very, very busy time and authorities are saying it is a miracle that no more people were injured or killed. >> in the world we live in withism, the thought with terrorism, did people panic? >> reporter: absolutely. that's what witnesses tell us. they say the first thing they thought of when they heard the explosion when heard it the noises and saw what they saw
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they thought right away it was terrorism. that was to be ruled out. >> all right. live in london, rita nissan, thank you so much. if you problems for the celebrated service from san jose to japan. a battery of problems has grounded the dreamliner. elissa harrington reports. >> reporter: the new dreamliner has been plagued with a nightmare of problems. we had an emergency landing and grounded flights. there's an faa inspection and now the national transportation safety board is sending an investigator to japan. yesterday it made an emergency landing. battery problems and something burning forced pilots to land. this comes as the faa was already until the process of doing a safety review. there were cracked engines, crack window, oil and fuel
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leaks in the past few months. japan's larger carrier all nippon airways and japan airlines have grounded their dreamliners. ana said, "ana is confident of the safety of the dreamliner and as a matter of course inspects all boeing 787 aircraft every day to ensure safety." this is bad timing at mineta san jose international because friday they celebrated the start of nonstop flights to and from tokyo. there were to be five flights a week but it hasn't even been a week yet. a flight was scheduled to return around 10 a.m. another to take off at 11:45. those are both canceled. so people trying to get back to san jose are stuck in tokyo. elissa harrington, cbs 5. a san jose mother stopped a kidnapping right outside her own home. police are looking for the suspect today. it started yesterday when her 2- year-old girl was playing in the front yard of their house on the 200 block of dayo court
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in east san jose. according to the girl's mother, that's when the man tried to talk to her. then the man grabbed the girl's leg tried to pull her away. the mother wouldn't let go and the suspect eventually ran on. he is in his 20s, warring a red baseball hat and a yellow striped shirt. the mother said he smelled like automotive oil. >> a warning and search in the delta region of contra costa county. about 8:00 last night a 17-year- old walked away from the byron boys ranch. search dogs were brought in and so was a helicopter. but they couldn't find the escapee. they warned neighbors to be on the alert. he was wearing a jumpsuit and sweatshirt. they call him the super cop and some say he is what oakland needs to fight violent crime. as anne makovec reports not everyone is rolling out the red carpet. >> reporter: he is coming with controversy. last night a committee approved the contract but did not
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confirm that bratton himself will be the man. the council is looking for alternatives. >> for any city to say they don't do "stop & frisk," i'm sorry they doesn't know what the hell they're talking about. >> that's bill bratton former l.a. and new york police chief a proponent of an officer's right to search anyone if there's reasonable suspicion the person is involved in criminal activity. with murder rates at alarming levels in oakland including four last friday alone the council is considering a $250,000 contracted to hire bratton to help out. those were protestors at the city council meeting last night saying "stop & frisk" unfairly targets minorities by allowing officers to harass whoever they want just because they suspect the person is up to no good. stats from new york show most people stopped under the policy were minorities and weren't
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breaking the law. the appointment is up to the full council. committees approved a few other measures last into the including hire alameda county sheriff's deputies to help patrol oakland city streets, funding for an additional police academy and hiring more lower level employees for work in the police department. the council will vote next week. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, cbs 5. do you like frost? >> yeah. love it. >> and cold temperatures. >> who doesn't? >> then you're going to love today! it's going to be one of those great starts to the day as we have cold weather once again early on but a lot of sunshine coming our way today. outside now, mostly clear skies out over the bay. it's clear and cold as many temperatures are in the 20s and 30s around the bay area.
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28 in santa rose. by the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and sunshine bringing temperatures up into the 60s outside. it's beginning of much warmer weather over the next couple of days. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> towards the bay bridge if you are heading into san francisco into the east bay towards the pay gates, so far no metering lights. actually the delays are not really that bad for this time of the morning anyway. usually it's a little farther stacked up at least in the outer cash lanes. only a few minutes to get on the bay bridge. traffic is light across the stretch. you can get by this accident at westbound 237 at 101. no problems. milpitas and sunnyvale still in the green 7 minutes in those westbound lanes. we are watching this accident just cleared to the right-hand
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shoulder in san jose. northbound 101 approaching old oakland road. there are a few brake lights though. tends to get busy any way around this time of the morning. just a heads up. more of a visual distraction. back to you guys. president obama is losing yet another member of his cabinet. the interior secretary ken salazar is ste down. according to the the "denver post" he is leaving the administration to spend more time with his family in colorado. secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon panetta, the treasury secretary geithner and the labor secretary hilda soliz are also leaving. president obama will unveil his plan to reduce gun violence. cbs news says the plan calls for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. it's also said to include criminal and mental health background checks for customers in all gun sales. the proposals would have to be approved by the house and
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senate something the president admits is not a sure thing. >> i want to be sure that i'm honest about americans about what will work. >> the president is looking into what actions he can take on his own by exec it order. the president is scheduled to speak at 8:55 this morning our time. we'll have a special report from cbs news when that happens. time now 6:10. bypassing baggage claim. how much one airline wants to charge to deliver your luggage. >> not cheap, either. and don't bite the dentist. the walmart employee finds a kid's priceless book of advice. the creative a coming right up. >> and the fish are biting all right. the viral video of the huge catch that just wouldn't let go. you have to see this.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. you can bring monsters like this up with your bare arm. this who needs a fishing rod when you can bring monsters like this up with your bare arm! this viral video makes the fish look like a man eater but experts and some people they think that the man was abusing the fish. the fish is a tarpon which you can hand feed in the florida keys. its teeth are about as dangerous as sandpaper. the conservation organization is outraged though saying the man stuck his fist into the fish's gills which may have ultimately killed the fish. >> that is a big fish. >> it is a big fish. he wrestles with it for a long time. >> i don't think they show it but he basically gets it off and he just walks away. >> you know who is a big
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fisherman? >> elizabeth. she lost fish. i know that for a fact. >> no, fish actually freaks me out. we were watching that video yesterday lawrence and i. pretty incredible video there. chopper 5 is up this morning. live bird's-eye view this morning at 238 moving nicely this morning through san lorenzo and hayward up and down the nimitz. cruising towards oakland. they picked up overnight roadwork and the macarthur maze. thank you for that live look interest chopper 5. let's talk about the great highway. great highway hasn't lived up to its name. it's often closed for sand removal. potholes, cracks, well, starting today the great highway is getting a makeover. they are resurfacing some of the roads. during the roadwork which will last nine months only one lane of the great highway will remain open. again that roadwork starts today. let's go out live towards 280. if you are heading into san francisco this morning, this is
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what it looks like right now approaching mariposa. continues to move well towards king all the way out towards at&t ballpark. no major delays this morning so you can see it's looking good on that 280 extension. to our maps and other live traffic cameras. we are watching a couple of different accidents. this is not causing aslowdown in sunnyvale westbound 237 approaching 121. you can see one of our live traffic sensors picking up speeds around 61 miles per hour. also another problem spot northbound 101 approaching oakland road. the accident was cleared to the right-hand shoulder in san jose. a little stacking up behind it as you make your way past 280. so just a heads up. tends to get busy along the stretch of freeway anyway. and your drive time through the east bay still in the clear even though we are seeing slowdowns through livermore. 22 minutes from the altamont
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pass to the dublin interchange. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." more on your forecast. cold temperatures how long will they last? here's lawrence. >> have you seen that thing that people do noodling with fingers and catch catfish? >> i haven't seen that. >> you should go. what a great time. [ laughter ] around the bay area today a cold start to the day some freezing temperatures again out there as we have mostly clear skies. the temperature really taking a drop this morning again down to the 20s and 30s in many spots numbers up in the 50s maybe we start to see a couple of 60s. then i think sun if i and dry and warmer weather still as we round out the week. the next five to seven days look to be as nice as you can get at this time of year. outside right now you have clear skies out over the bay. the temperatures a little chilly inland 29 degrees in concord 28 in santa rosa and 37 degrees even into san francisco. that's a pretty cold night. huge dome dom building in overhead sending the jet stream well to the north so no threat of rainfall and the air continues to sit overhead very
6:17 am
cold in the morning but i think that will start to moderate over the next couple of days. 62 degrees expected afternoon high into monterey. 63 in ukiah. and 59 degrees in fresno. our futurecast model will keep the skies nice and clear. in fact, keeping the fog away too although we'll likely see a return to low clouds and fog as we head in toward the weekend. still we have some great weather ahead toward the afternoon today. temperatures should crack 60s in paris of the south bay about 61 degrees in san jose, 60 in santa clara and 61 degrees in redwood city. east bay temperatures only up into the 50s but plenty of sunshine. and inside the bay a chilly start but by the afternoon, 60 in oakland, 57 in san francisco. about 62 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, warmer weather is on the way, 60s or warmer if we get lucky and that weather is going to hold into the weekend. but boy about the latter part of next week, it looks like a major change in the weather pattern. i think we get back to some rain. >> all right. well, we'll just take the sun
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for now. >> enjoy the sunshine. the next few days will be spring-like. >> we'll take it. thank you. 6:19 now. it was the bay area's original area code 415 but it's expected to be out of numbers by 2015. so the area code 628 will be added either by dividing the 415 or starting all the new numbers with the 628. there are public meetings on the issue at 2 p.m. at 7 p.m. at california public utilities commission auditorium on van ness avenue in san francisco. people like their area codes. i bet a lot of people show up. five contractors are sending sealed envelopes to sacramento this week. they are hoping to win the contract to start building the state's high-speed rail system. the "mercury news" explains the contractors submit one package with their plan for the project. and then another sealed envelope containing their price. officials will first check proposals and then open the envelopes with the costs. the feds are looking to
6:19 am
crackdown on distracted flying. it's aimed at keeping airline pilots from using personal electronics at any time during the flight. currently they only have to put down their devices during critical phases of flight like take-off and landing. and there have been a number of recent incidents involving distracted pilots. united will now deliver your bags so you don't have to wait for them at baggage claim. on top of the regular baggage fee 30 for 1, 30 for 2, 50 for 3 and more. the service is available in boston, honolulu, houston, chicago and a lot of people will take advantage of it. >> if you are in a hurry and don't want to bring it on the plane... >> i'd wait. >> me, too. 6:20. a northern california walmart employee is hoping to reunite a child with a book of rules that he or she wrote. >> raymond flores of citrus heights found the book in his parking lot. he says it contains the kind of advice you might find in a self-
6:20 am
help section at a bookstore. >> they put a lot of hard work into it. these rules mean a lock to them probably to the parents, as well. >> well, the book also includes words of wisdom like wear your seatbelt, don't leave your friends behind and no texting and driving at the same time and always buy your co-anchor a cup of coffee. >> i love that book. i hope the author gets recognition for it. >> all right. it's 6:21. coming up what colin kaepernick has accomplished in less than a year. the former quarterback jeff garcia couldn't do it in five. >> plus just four days until the 49ers play for that nfc championship. how you can tell the true fans by their retro look. between two walls in por
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get 3 years interest-free financing on selected models. don't miss sleep train's year end clearance sale. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the cover of sports il there is a long list of 49'er quarterbacks who have graced the cover of sports
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illustrated. >> the latest, colin kaepernick, check it out. even jim harbaugh gets second billing. steve young, joe montana, steve spurrier, john brody and alex smith before they lost to the giants but this year it's all about kaepernick. when it comes to the 49'ers, what's old or gold is new again. >> i guess so. so joe montana won't be suiting up, instead of colin kaepernick, but the hottest thing going now is retro gold like this jacket. >> this came out this year, the gold jacket, the sf logo, the back says 49'ers. >> the model, by the way, it will set you back $130, if you can find one. it's all hot stuff right now. >> i like the retro jacket.
6:25 am
>> do you really? >> yeah, i think it's cool. >> i'm more of a red guy myself. if you like 49'ers merchandise and post season coverage go to our website, we've got it all right there. play of the daytime, an amazing putback, we'll go to brooklyn, toronto's john lucas misses a jumper but terrance ross rises above the rim and says i will take care of that! he puts it in, the nets beat them 113-106. carlesimo is 9-1 as the interim head coach. he of course coached the warriors years ago. 6:26. coming up, president obama announces a gun control plan today. will he take executive action without congress? plus, a helicopter crashes into a crane in downtown london during rush hour, how weather may have played a factor. i'm at mineta san jose
6:26 am
airport where travelers can now travel nonstop to tokyo but a week later the flights are cancelled.
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londoneers fear the worst when a helicopter crashes in the city. >> everyone was in shock running around, it was madness. dream liners are grounded, bay area residents are stuck in tokyo. >> grounded from san francisco to tokyo. and protestors storm oakland city council chambers angry over a controversial plan. stop and frisk does not
6:30 am
work, look at new york city. >> the public safety committee voted to approve that $250,000 contract, but not necessarily with bill bratton on board. president obama will unveil a plan to curb gun violence. >> the president prepares for a big fight. >> what's upper most in my mind is making sure i'm honest with the american people and members of congress about what i think will work. >> from across the bay to around the world -- >> mothers need to get mad about guns. >> the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. ♪ good morning. it's wednesday, january 16. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:31. we begin with two people, dead after a helicopter crash during this morning's commute in a busy area of downtown london, england. the aircraft hit a construction crane before falling on the street below. the pilot and one person on board are -- rather on the ground, are killed, 13 others
6:31 am
were injured. >> it came over, hit the top of the crane, the helicopter came crashing down, the cab came crashing down in the road. >> the crash happened during misty weather, not far from the headquarters of england's spy agency. investigators say it appears to be an accident. some live pictures now out of portland, oregon. fire crews are rushing to free a woman trapped between two walls in a garage. the woman apparently fell into a narrow space between two buildings this morning. the woman is apparently dangling four feet from the ground out of sight of cameras but is alert, and we're hold is conscious. 20 members of the portland fire search and rescue team, some you see here, are armed with industrial saws and jack hammers trying to cut through the wall. it looks like they are trying to measure to see where they are going to cut but hopefully they can free that woman, who is trapped. >> wow. >> yeah. this morning, boeing 787 planes are being grounded in
6:32 am
japan for safety checks, elissa harrington at the airport in san jose. >> reporter: it was on friday when travelers could fly nonstop to and from tokyo out of san jose, all that has changed because the dreamliners have been grounded. we just learned they could be back up in the air as early as thursday but they do need to get through some safety checks. that's affecting two flights in and out of san jose, one was supposed to arrive from japan after 10:00, one was supposed to leave at 11:45. japan's two largest carriers grounded their dreamliner fights after one made an emergency landing yesterday. flights on al nippon airways and japan airlines are affected. 129 passengers aboard yesterday's flight when there was a problem with the battery forcing the pilots to land. they reported a burning smell. boeing's newest and fuel efficient jet introduced in 2011 has plagued with problems,
6:33 am
from oil and fuel leaks to engine cracks, damaged cockpit windows and now an emergency landing. ana flies out of san jose five times a week. chris mcginnis flew out saturday and said he enjoyed the flight and spoke with cbs 5 via skype. >> the doesn't mean the flight is going to stop. it may be cancelled today but could come back shortly, we don't know yet. >> reporter: ana released a statement saying ana is confident of the safety of the dreamliner and inspects all boeing 787 aircraft on a daily basis to ensure safety. meanwhile, boeing posted a statement on their twitter page last night, the company says we will be working with ana and the authorities to determine what happened and why. again, the planes could be back in the air as early as tomorrow, but they do need to get through all of the safety
6:34 am
checks. the faa is investigating. a san jose mom wrestled a 2- year-old from a stranger's arms and this morning police are looking for that suspect. it started yesterday when the girl was playing in her front yard of her home on the 200 block of dayo court in san jose, the man approached the daughter and made a comment that made the mother uncomfortable. the man grabbed the girls leg to pull her away. she was able to hold on and called police. the suspect ran off, said to be a man in his 20s to 30s wearing a red baseball hat and yellow striped shirt, the mother said he smelled like automotive oil. in oakland, anne makovec is in the newsroom with more on a consultant controversy. >> reporter: good morning, michelle.
6:35 am
he's outspoken and bold, views are controversial. last night the public safety committee stopped short of approving a plan to bring former l.a. police chief bill bratton on board as a consultant. protestors protest his stop and frisk policy, former police chief of l. a and new york supports the right to search a person with reasonable suspicion. the council has been considering a $250,000 contract to hire bratton to help the oakland p.d. the committee approved the contract but did not confirm bratton will be the man. the council has been ordered to look at alternatives. >> i'm the police chief. i'm the guy that gets to decide what practice we're going to do and how we're going to do it. i'm the person that's going to be held accountable. i want to make that very clear. bill bratton will give me advice, it's up to me to implement it, how i do it and
6:36 am
if i do it is on my shoulders. >> reporter: the main concern about the stop and frisk policy, fears will racial profiling, from new york's program, there were 700,000 stops in 2011, 85% of the stops were black or hispanic men, the vast majority of the stops discovered no wrongdoing. the chief wrote and open letter to the community. we posted that on our website, the oakland city council will be discussing this matter next week as well as other measures approved last night, including a proposal to hire alameda county sheriff's deputies. anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. lawrence is about to join us. he's the bearer of good news. >> if you like sunshine, it would be nice to see 60 degrees. >> it's been a while. >> we're going to get spring- like weather, but cold temperatures to start out if you're stepping outside. clear skies, and some cold numbers around the bay area. beautiful look toward the bay bridge, the sun coming up on
6:37 am
the clear skies, and the patchy frost showing up outside. 29degrees in concord. 27 now in santa rosa, 37 in san francisco. looks like the 50s and 60s in the south bay, the east bay numbers into the 50s, and then looks like inside the bay we'll see 50s and some low 60s. a promise of some warmer weather ahead too, looks like great conditions, maybe mid- 60s, more in a few minutes. right now a check on the roads. thank you, lawrence. outside, to chopper 5, looking overhead from heyward, near the 880/92 interchange, everything is flowing nicely up and down the nimitz. headed towards 92, no major delays. so if you're headed towards the san mateo bridge, this is what it look like past the pay gate. things are moving at the limit, 14 minutes is the drive time out of heyward towards the peninsula, eastbound traffic looks okay from the high-rise.
6:38 am
towards the bay bridge, metering lights are on, less than a half hour ago, but we're stacking up behind the first overcrossing. 0 or up to 15 minutes to get on the bay bridge, your usual delay into san francisco from the east bay. 101 near mckee, we see brake lights, there was an accident northbound 101 approaching old oakland road, now cleared to the right-hand shoulder. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you, liz. president obama plans to unveil a plan to reduce gun violence this morning. cbs news says the plan calls for bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazine and includes criminal and mental become ground checks in all gun sales. it would have to be approved by the house and senate but the president is looking into what action he can take on his own by executive order. he's scheduled to speak at 8: 55. we'll have a live report when he speaks. a police officer caught in
6:39 am
a compromising position with a prostitute is not going to be in trouble for it. it was nearly two years ago, when sunnyvale police conducted a motel search on a suspected hooker and found menlo park police chief jeffrey vasquez with her. he was charged with a misdemeanor count of soliciting prostitution but the case was dismissed when the star witness from the sunnyvale police department could not testify because of a family emergency. >> it may be frustrating on one level, i have a duty as a prosecutor to only prosecute cases i can prove beyond a reasonable doubt. if i don't have a witness or can't prove a case, i have to dismiss. we can't go forward with it. >> vasquez appealed and got his job back at $109,000 a year. federal authorities have subpoenaed a bay area tycoon in connection with the lance doping scandal. thomas wiseel took yahoo public
6:40 am
and owns the holding company for the armstrong cycling team which made $40 million off the office in sponsorship fees. armstrong offered to repay $5 million for the fraud he allegedly committed against the postal service and taxpayers, the feds turned him down saying not enough. >> he opened pandora's box. 6:41. searching for answers, facebook is launching a feature. plus, running interference, the four-legged fan that disrupted a soccer match. the market opened about 10 minutes ago, let's take a quick look on wall street. we're out of the gate. we're in the red. dead red across the board. jason brooks talks about numbers and more when we come back.
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i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. guests. during a friendly
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soccer game between galatasaray nd a game of soccer in istanbul had unexpected guests of the four-legged variety in a friendly soccer game. the two dogs decided to join in on the party. the dogs ran in -- oh, geez, be nice. they ran in, in the middle of the game, apparently grabbing some trash, the refs had to pick them up and carry them off the field. >> i was wondering what was in his mouth, looked like he was taking the players a towel. >> cute little labs would get the whole ball in their mouth if they could. they love to play. they can't get enough of that stuff. cold around the bay area this morning but looks like we're going to see warmer days ahead as high pressure builds in. the temperatures will be warming up nicely outside. a lot of clear skies right now, it looks like high pressure takes over, not only here but across the western half of the united states, that ridge is building in nicely now. so a frosty start in many spots, mostly sunny and warmer
6:45 am
temperatures by the afternoon. likely to see some temperatures moving up into the 60s for today. sunny and dry and warmer still as we round out the week so we're looking at nice weather coming our way, clear skies, can't find a cloud over the bay bridge, we're looking good. temperatures are cold, 29 degrees in concord, 27 in santa rosa, 32 degrees, now freezing, in livermore. but as we head throughout the day, a huge dome of high pressure settling in along the west coast, that will bring some warmer and drier weather for today. also around the state you'll begin to warm things up. 62degrees in the monterrey bay, 59 degrees in fresno. future cast, skies are nice and clear today and into tonight as well. no fog to speak of, although we could see fog returning later on in the week. meantime, the temperatures are going to be a lot nicer today, plan on 60s in the south bay by the afternoon, 61 in san jose, 50s in the east bay but 60s popping up the next couple days too. inside the bay, 60 degrees in oakland, about 62 degrees in
6:46 am
santa rosa. next couple days, we expect warmer temperatures, spring- like conditions into thursday and friday, staying nice and dry through the weekend, maybe some rain late next week. let's check on the roads with elizabeth. >> it's busy, northbound 101, this camera is right there by the mckee exit, near old oakland road and exit cleared to the right shoulder but it started to back up soon after. we're seeing brake lights far back. southbound 101 moving at the limit. elsewhere, live traffic cameras, another accident we're watching, we're starting to see slowdowns now. it's in sunnyvale, westbound 237 approaching 101 near the interchange, one lane is blocked, the slow lane, it was a multi-vehicle crash. it's sluggish now leaving milpitas by the 880/237 interchange. a heads up, drive time in yellow. we've ticked up to 10 minutes on westbound 237 between 880
6:47 am
and sunnyvale, if you're traveling towards 101. and southbound 680, headed out of martinez towards walnut creek, we saw him stuck in a backup but not too bad this morning. if you're headed towards 24. and a quick look at westbound 580, we've got brake lights, drive time in yellow out of the altamonte pass. that's a check of traffic, back to you. >> thank you. cheaper gas and more expensive food. >> that combines to keep consumer prices flat. let's check in with jason brooks on this wednesday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it was a good time for consumer inflation to be flat in december when people were spending cash on holiday presents for their families and friends. but the labor department says inflation was flat overall, basically lower gas prices making up for higher food, rent and air fare, food prices up
6:48 am
.2, gas prices down, a slow year compared to a 3% rise the year before. apple has seen its stock head lower over the past two days, down 6 1/2%, on ongoing concerns over iphone 5 sales. a number of other analysts cutting price targets on apple stock trading below $500 for the first time since early february of last year. key for apple will be the earnings report next week with expectations headed lower for a couple weeks, if apple can meet them it could get a bump in stock, it is on the rise. boeing a big factor on the stock market, after the 787s were grounded over another problem with the battery, boeing shares following, pressuring the blue chips, down 3 1/2%, the dow is lower, nasdaq falling by 2, s & p down 4. apple in rally mode, up 2%,
6:49 am
just under $496. michelle and frank, back to you. >> they have a ways to go. jason brooks, thank you. time for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> it's wednesday. gayle king is in the big chair, she's standing but joins us live from new york. >> hi, frank, hi, michelle. we'll show you the best companies to work for, before i tell you who that may be do you remember who won the best company last year? >> oh, i can't remember. >> i think i know but it might let the cat out of the bag, right? >> nope, go ahead. last year who do you think? >> was it a bay area company? >> yes. >> okay. i'm not going to say it because i know the company and i don't want to -- >> she's asking about last year, which one? you tell us. >> i'm wrong then. it didn't win back to back. >> last year, fortune will unveil this year's top five. we'll see if google is number one again. that's where i was going with
6:50 am
that. >> okay. >> raiding your 401(k) to pay bills, the consequences, and if you didn't sleep well last night it may be time to change the way you sleep. a top sleep expert is here to tell us more about how your body position can affect your health. should you lay on your tummy, back or side? we'll find out. those stories and more when we see you at 7:00. >> how do you sleep, on your side or back? >> that's personal. >> all over the place. that's what they say, all over the place. >> we just don't sleep, that's our deal. >> let's start with that. see you guys. >> thank you so much. >> have a great show. it starts at 7:00 right here on cbs 5. >> it does. if you're searching for something, facebook it now. >> the social network unveiled a search engine that allows you to narrow searches through categories so people, photos, places and interest, for instance you can search for friends in san francisco who love cbs 5. graph search is available by invitation only
6:51 am
for now. facebook lost nearly 1.4 million active users in the month of december, experts say increased advertising and new experimental fees may have turned some of the people off. on the health watch now, emergency rooms are busy these days seeing people who have consumed energy drinks. the number of people going to the hospital due to energy drinks doubled from 2007 to 2011. the government reports most of the cases involve teenagers and young adults. the report says the drinks can cause insomnia, nervousness, headache, rapid heart beat, and seizures. there's apparently a connection between fast food and health problems in children and teens, a worldwide study found teenagers who ate fast food three times or more per week have a 39% higher risk of severe asthma. among younger children, the risk was raised by 27%, but eating three or more helpings of fruit cut the asthma problem by more than 10%. the man largely responsible for bringing major league
6:52 am
hockey to the bay area has died. george gunn iii passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. he and his brother gordon gave up their stake in the minnesota north stars in 1990 for the rights to establish an expansion team in san jose, that team became the sharks. he continued to attend games after he his brother sold the team in 2002. he was 75. this morning how about the sharks, they will sell single game tickets after the lockout shortened season that begins this week, 48 games. fans can purchase tickets for up to eight games with a 10- ticket per game limit, available through ticketmaster, and the hp pavilion box office, wrist bands handed out between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, selling tickets at 10:00. 6:53. a check of our top stories when we come back. a power tool, the new baby- sitter? the adorable viral video, when we come back. it's pretty neat. be right back.
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[ telephone rings ] good evening this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. two people are dead and 13 others injured... after a helicopter crashed today during ing commute in l one more check on top stories, two people are dead, 13 injured, after a helicopter crashed during the morning commute in london. the aircraft struck a construction crane before falling down to the street. at this point investigators say it appears to be an accident. the boeing 787 dreamliner grounded by ana may be back in the air by tomorrow. that's after safety checks are completed. the japanese carrier grounded the fleet yesterday following an emergency landing, that stopped nonstop flights between tokyo airport and san jose. president obama is set to unveil plan to reduce gun violence in the country, the plan is expected to include tighter gun control and other
6:57 am
measures. cbs news plans a special report coming out at 8:55 our time. 6:58. we've got a last check of weather and traffic, and it's all about the big warmup now, right? >> very cold outside but temperatures will sneak into the 60s by the afternoon. 29degrees in napa valley, 27 in santa rosa, 27 in fairfield, and 31 degrees in livermore. by the afternoon, sunny skies to the coast, let's plan on low 60s in the south bay, upper 50s toward the immediate coastline, 60 in oakland, dry for the weekend. the bay bridge toll plaza, backed toward the foot of the maze, backed up 15 to 20 minutes. to the silicon valley commute, the 101 in the south bay, san jose, 101 is backed up because of an earlier accident now on
6:58 am
the right-hand approaching old oakland road, brake lights. the silicon valley commute westbound 237, we watched two separate accidents on the westbound lanes, both in sunnyvale. the drive time is nearly double what it typically is this time. morning. in the red, give yourself extra time. it's hump day, take it slow. as parents, keep power tools away from babies but this baby is an exception. >> the father of a 2-month-old boy found a way to turn a power tool, power drill, into a rocker for the baby. young benjamin is all smiles. he's having a good time. of course they would never leave the baby alone with the drill, but it does -- >> why didn't i think of that? a great idea. bring the baby to the garage and do some work. >> maybe not the skil-saw. >> thanks for watching. >> bye-bye.
6:59 am

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